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Wing On Trading Company

Established in 1968
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Premier Trading and Sourcing

High Quality Products and Services for Our Customers with Suitable Prices

Established in 1968, Wing On Trading Company is one of the premier trading companies covering the sourcing of material such as Glitter, Adhesive, Bronze Powder, Aluminum Powder, Pearl Powder, Luminous Pigment, Flock Powder, Flock Fabric, Glass Beads, Glass Nuggets, Glass Glitters, Caviar Beads (PVC Beads), Floral Tape, Holographic Film, Metallized PVC/PET film, Gemini, EVA material and Hot Melt for decorative, textile printing, printing and cosmetic industry. Wing On Trading Company is also the Asia sole agent of Meadowbrook Inventions,Faust America which are the world's leading manufacturer of glitter & thermography powder.

Our objective is to provide the highest quality products and services for our customers with suitable price. With our many years experience on trading, we cater for our customer's needs of competitive pricing, quality and on-time delivery to develop a reputable image. We have also established a close relationship with our manufacturers and suppliers to provide quick-response capabilities according to customer's request.

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