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3D Flocking3D Flocking Description

3D flocking include flocking jewellery box , flocking, flocking toy's, flocking optical polish fabric and flocking purfume cases. These 3D flocking obejects could always be both functional and decorational. Simply tell you what you want and our service team will commit their best effort to work with your desired end product.

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2D Flocking2D Flocking Description

2D flocking include flocking jewelery fabric , upolsery fabric , baby car seat fabric , sofa fabric . Let our service team help you to find the most desirable hand feeling with the right flock's length and dimension.

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We have been in the trading industry for over 40 years. We are the expertise in the Glitters and Flocking industry. We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients, and help them resolve the challenges arise during productions. We are the professionals!

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